SAHA Gaming Permit


South Anchorage Hockey Association (SAHA) owns a gaming license through the State of Alaska. The program hosts a raffle each year as a fundraiser to offset organizational costs.

Download the form below and submit your application to the SAHA Gaming Committee for consideration. Once the Gaming Committee has approved the application, They will submit to the Board for approval.

Please remember the Board meets monthly therefore, applications must be submitted electronically to the Committee one week prior to the monthly meeting for consideration. Raffle can be cancelled at any time by the SAHA Gaming Committee for any reason to ensure gaming rules and regulations are followed.


South Anchorage Hockey Association and Alaska Oilers Hockey Association conduct a raffle each year with cash prizes.

One hundred percent of the net proceeds from the raffle will go to benefit both associations and each team. The raffle is mandatory for all players and teams in the both associations. Click below for more information.