Where does my money go?

South Anchorage Hockey Association and the Alaska Oilers are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. However, this does not mean it's not a huge financial commitment to play travel hockey. Over 60% of all expenses go towards covering the expense of renting ice for practices and games. On average, each hour of ice rental in the Municipality of Anchorage is approximately $400.

We are committed to being transparent and providing the highest possible value by delivering an experience that makes youth hockey worth the financial and time commitment. A breakdown of the average team fee is represented below:

  • 70% - Ice Rental and Facilities
    • Ice rentals for games, practices, player, and skill development sessions
    • Hockey House Training Facility
  • 10% - Competitions
    • Tournament fees and league dues
  • 10% - Operations
    • Overhead cost of running the program and consultants
  • 5% - Coaching
    • Stipends to cover coach travel and USA Hockey licensing and education
  • 5% - Equipment and Uniforms
    • Pucks, coaching bags, training equipment, jerseys & socks, etc.